Men's Gathering & Ladies Tea
A Dance Performance
Featuring Jeremy Weight

Jeremy Weight

Over the years Jeremy has had opportunities to work with several professional instructors across the western United States such as Frankie Manning, David Dalmo, Josie Say, and several other influential artists and choreographers in the dance world. He has experience teaching, choreographing and performing lindy hop, hip hop, and vernacular jazz movement. He has taught at Utah State University, University of Utah, BYU, and several dance studios in the western United States. There have been many competitions he has won in the past such as Harlem Nights competition, the Salt Lake Invitational, the USU Bustagroove, and Ricks ballroom invitational lindy hop contest and others. He served from 1999 to 2001 as the USU Swing Club president and the years after as an advisor. He also danced for the USU Ballroom Competition Team, where he competed and performed in the standard and latin dances. Jeremy has also choreographed and worked with performance teams such as the BYU swing team, USU swing team, and the Sunburst Singers. He now enjoys dancing for his children and focusing on his career with investing and will judge some dance competitions now and then.

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