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The Utah Good Sam Club was established in 1968 to help the local Good Sam Chapters meet together and get to know each other.  Utah currently has 19 active chapters. Go to State Chapters to view  the list of chapters and the state advisor assigned.     

The State Organization has two elected positions,  the State Director and the State Treasurer.  Each office has a two year term and the terms are staggered.

The State Committee is comprised of  the Chapter Presidents, the State Director and the State Treasurer.  This is the governing body of the state organization.  The state board meets four times a year;  the Spring State Committee & Wagon Masters meeting;  the State Samboree;  the Fall-Tag-Along;  the Winter State Committee meeting.  At the Winter Presidents meeting, both incoming and outgoing presidents and their spouses are invited to the meeting.  All members are invited and encouraged to attend any state meeting. ( State Meetings )

The State Staff is appointed by the State Director and serves during his term of office.  Their function is to help with state activities and be a liaison with the Chapters.  The members of State Staff are not on the State Committee and have no voting power.



Brent & Jean North are the State Directors. They reside in Heber City, Utah. Their current term ends in December, 2014.



Lynn Koyle is the State Treasurer. They reside in Richfield, Utah. Their current term ends in December, 2015.


Harold & Rosalie are the Directors of the Central Plaines Region.  The Central Plaines Region includes Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa. They reside in Pleasant Grove, Utah.


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